The Church in the Wildwood (UCC)
Green Mountain Falls, CO

Wedding Fees

  • Wedding   $800  -  Included: rehearsal, ceremony, minister fee, organist fee, coordinator's fee, and custodian's fee   

  • Deposit   $200  -  Deposit is included in the total cost  

  • Fellowship Hall Rental   (Contact the office for details)

  • Use of Memorial Garden   $200
  1. Description
  2. Back of the sanctuary
    Back of the sanctuary
    Back of the sanctuary
  3. Memorial Garden
    Memorial Garden
    Memorial Garden
  4. Bridal Room
    Bridal Room
    Bridal Room
  5. Sanctuary
  6. Fellowship Hall
    Fellowship Hall
    Fellowship Hall
  7. Exterior in the evening
    Exterior in the evening
    Exterior in the evening
  8. Exterior
Policies for Use of Church in the Wildwood

Thank you for considering our facility as the location of your special event. The Church in the Wildwood is a Christian church in the United Church of Christ and, as an inclusive church, we welcome couples of a variety of faith backgrounds and sexual orientations to be married here.

Each couple who has their wedding at the Church in the Wildwood has two options: 
You may be married by our pastor, Rev. Diane Martin. (See her bio on other pages of this web site.) This fee is already included in your wedding fees.
Rev. Martin will adapt your ceremony to fit your family’s religious views but will not entirely omit all references to God/Spirit.

You may choose and provide your own officiant, as long as that person is an ordained minister in a widely recognized religious organization (United Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Lutheran, for example). Your officiant must contact Rev. Martin at least one month before your wedding date, to briefly discuss the service.

All music must be approved by Rev. Martin and/or the church’s Music Director, even if you are providing your own officiant. Your music does not need to be particularly Christian in content, but it must reflect the positive spirit of the day. These are your options:
If you wish to use the services of our church organist/pianist, you must contact our Music Director to confirm the date and discuss your music selections. The fee for our organist/pianist is already included in your wedding fees. If our church organist/pianist is unable to play for the event, our Music Director will provide the name of another organist/pianist whom you may contact. 

If you do not wish to use our church organist/pianist, and you choose to provide another musician instead, you must get prior approval from our Music Director.  Pre-recorded music is acceptable. If you use our sound system, we may choose to provide a person to operate it.
Other Details:
If Rev. Martin will be officiating your ceremony, she requires two sessions of approximately one hour each, to help you plan your ceremony. She also offers, on an optional basis and at no additional cost to you, an online premarital awareness tool that can be introduced and reviewed during these two sessions. This tool is not intended to be a judgment of your fitness for marriage; it simply helps to identify areas of life that you may want to discuss further as a couple.  If you are providing your own officiant, Rev. Martin also offers the premarital awareness tool at no cost to you. If you use this tool, she will need to meet with you once to review the results.

If you choose to hire your own wedding coordinator, please communicate to that person that s/he will work with you in planning your reception and other events outside of the ceremony, but not the ceremony itself. Your payment to the Church in the Wildwood includes a fee for a coordinator from the congregation to work with the officiant in planning the ceremony. This is not an optional service. Likewise, the coordinator from the congregation will help you plan your ceremony only, and not your reception.

For the safety of all, if anyone in the wedding party (including the bride or groom) appears to be intoxicated on your wedding day, the wedding will be canceled. A wedding party toast before or after the ceremony is acceptable, but please limit your consumption of alcohol to that one instance. (For our policy regarding the use of alcohol during receptions, please contact the church office.)

The Church in the Wildwood is a non-smoking facility in its entirety. This includes the grounds and parking lot.

Please note that the cost of the wedding is a set fee. If you choose not to use our officiant, organist/pianist, or sound system, the fees to the Church in the Wildwood are the same. You are responsible for also paying for your alternative or additional choices.

Additional questions regarding use of the building or services of the church may be answered by calling (719) 684-9427
from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays; by calling outside of those hours and leaving a detailed message;  or by emailing our office at