Policies and Fees for Weddings
at Church in the Wildwood

Updated 06/13/2019
Thank you for considering our facility as the location of your special event. The Church in the Wildwood is a Christian church in the United Church of Christ and, as an inclusive church, we welcome couples of a variety of faith backgrounds and sexual orientations to be married here.
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    Back of the sanctuary
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    Tatter Hall
    Fellowship Hall
Each couple who has their wedding at the Church in the Wildwood has two options: 
You may be married by our pastor, for a fee of $200. our reverend will adapt your ceremony to fit your family’s religious views but will not entirely omit references to God/Spirit/Higher Power. If our reverend serves as your officiant, she will:
Meet with you to help you customize and plan your ceremony, offering options such as the ringing of our church bell and rituals including a unity candle, mingling of wine or sand, a ribbon ceremony (“handfasting”), the four elements, etc.
Offer, at no extra cost to you, the option of completing an online premarital awareness tool to enhance your conversations as a couple.
Lead your wedding rehearsal, officiate your wedding, and ensure that your marriage license is properly completed and filed.
Or you may choose and provide your own officiant, at your own expense. Your officiant must contact our reverend at least one month before your wedding date, to briefly discuss the arrangements.
Your music does not need to be particularly Christian in content, but it must reflect the positive spirit of the day. These are your options:
  • You may use our sound system, to play pre-recorded music or to amplify live music or sung or spoken vocals, for a fee of $75, which includes our sound technician to operate our system. If you use our sound system at all, this is a non-negotiable fee.
  • You may use the services of our church organist/pianist, for an additional fee of $100. If you choose this option, you must let us know at least one month before your wedding so we can be sure s/he is available.
  • You may provide your own organist/pianist, at your own expense.
​​Building Host:
If you do not have our reverend officiate your wedding, you will be charged $100 so that we can compensate a member of our congregation to serve as building host. This person will open the building, be present during, and close the building on the days of your rehearsal and your wedding. This fee does not change if you do not have a rehearsal; however, if you choose to have our reverend officiate your wedding, this fee will be waived, as our reverend will also serve as your building host.

​​Our Alcohol Policy for Weddings:
  • Alcoholic beverages are limited to wine, beer (no kegs), and champagne. (No exceptions)
  • The serving of alcoholic beverages must be tightly controlled by a licensed server or a designated adult. This person must check IDs and will refuse service to individuals who appear to be intoxicated. Self-service or service to anyone under 21 years of age is strictly prohibited.
  • Other than a wedding party toast before or after the ceremony, alcohol is allowed only during the reception or dance (following the wedding). Alcohol is allowed only in the area that is rented for the reception or dance and is never allowed in the Sanctuary.
  • For the safety of all, if a member of the wedding party (including the bride or groom) appears to be intoxicated before your wedding, the wedding will be canceled, with no refunds.
​​Other Information:
  • Included in your wedding rental is the use of our lovely Bride’s Room upstairs and our Groom’s Room downstairs.
  • In the near future, we will have the capability to offer video and live-streaming services for your wedding, for an additional fee. Please inquire.
  • The Church in the Wildwood is a non-smoking facility in its entirety. No smoking of any substance is allowed on the premises of the Church in the Wildwood, including the interior of any building, the grounds, or the parking lot. You may smoke in the parking area across the street.
  • Additional questions regarding the use of the building or services of the church may be answered by calling the church office, 719-684-9427. If no one answers, please leave a detailed message. You may also inquire by emailing our office at info@church-in-the-wildwood.org.
Fee Schedule
Required Fees for Rehearsal and Wedding:
  • Use of Sanctuary, Entryway, Bride’s Room, and Groom’s Room: $350
    • (This rate is reduced by $100 if no rehearsal is held on site and no access to the building is needed prior to the day of the wedding.)
  • Building Host: $100
  • Janitorial Fee: $50
  • Refundable Security Deposit for Sanctuary: $100

Optional Fees for Rehearsal and Wedding (See Policies, Above):
  • Our reverend as Officiant: $200
  • Audio/Video System and Audio/Video Technician: $75
  • Live Streaming to YouTube / Facebook: $50 (Note: You will have to use our A/V technician to live stream)
  • Church-Provided Accompanist: $100

Required Fees for Reception:
  • Use of Fellowship Hall & Kitchen: $40 per hour of use
    • (This includes $10 per hour for Building Host. Please include in your schedule one hour before your reception for set-up and one hour after your reception for clean-up.)
  • Janitorial Fee: $50 (one-time fee; not per hour)
  • Refundable Security Deposit for Fellowship Hall & Kitchen: $100