• In the decades to come, the church is overflowing in the summer and very small in the winter.  For nearly 60 years, visiting summer pastors stay in a cabin and preach.  Pastors also come up from Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs.  For special occasions like Christmas and Easter, ministers are sent by the State Congregational Missionary Society.  Other than the summers, Sunday school is held in members’ homes.  Potlucks and socials are held in the town hall.
  • 1921  On March 21st, the church becomes a Community Church sponsored by the Congregational Church.  Dr. Hopkins of Manitou Springs helps with the reorganization.
  • 1923   On November 2nd, Kathryn Brown, Margaret G. Hart, Nellie Diveley, Margaret Taylor, Laura Mahan, and Eva Williams establish the Ladies Guild of the church.  Kathryn Brown becomes the first president.
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