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At the Church in the WIldwood, we release a weekly newsletter, which we call "The Wildwood Word Weekly", this newsletter helps keep people informed of events going on at the Church. You can sign up by clicking "Sign up to get our Newsletter emailed to you" and can read the last newsletter we released by clicking "Current Newsletter".

The newsletter is released every Thursday morning. Article suggestions are due every Wednesday by 10 am MST.

The newsletter is divided into 11 sections:
RevDar's Blurb: From time to time our pastor, Rev Darlene, will give her 2 cents in this section.
Current Events: From time to time there are events that occur only a few times a year or once a year. We highlight those events in this section. (Ex. Bronc Day)
Ongoing Events: Once an event starts and will continue going for some time, we transition it to this section. (Ex Green Box Arts)
Weekly services at the Church: We offer a few services at the church on a weekly basis and include them in this section.
Getting Fit at the Church in the Wildwood: One of our goals is to have family-friendly programs available at the Church that you can participate in to get more fit.
Support our mission efforts: We do have missions/services that are not on a weekly basis and include them in this section.
10 Day Wildwood Calendar: Each week, we take events listed in the bulletin and use them in a "10-day forecast" so you can see an overview of events in this section.
Upcoming Events: Also taken from the bulletin, there are events that are upcoming, but more than 10 days away.
Ways to Support your church: There are a few ways you can donate to the Church and we highlight them in this section.
Other Newsletters: The final section is a list of links to other newsletters in the Ute Pass area.
Words from the editor: Every week, the editor, Vaughn, gives his 2 cents in this section.

If you have any questions about the newsletter, feel free to email the editor at or stop by and talk to him during the week.