Update from the Church in the Wildwood

It's at the top of all of our minds. First Harvey, now Irma.
Jose. Katia. An earthquake in Mexico.
And we all want to help, but maybe we don't know the best way. The best way is not to do a clothing drive, or a shoe drive, or food, or water, to send to the affected areas. It costs more to ship them than they're worth, and distribution is a challenge. I've seen videos of such items rotting on a beach.
As intangible and insufficient as it may feel, the best way to help is to send money - directly to relief agencies you know and trust. I know of three very secure ways to do this:
  1. Through the United Church of Christ. General Minister Rev. John Dorhauer has promised that 100 percent of all donations will go to relief efforts because the UCC already has its overhead covered by other funds. Donate to UCC Disaster Relief Ministries at this link:  http://www.ucc.org/donate_to_disaster_relief
  2. If you have a cell phone and you text, you can have $10 added to your cell phone bill and sent directly to the Red Cross by texting to 90999 and then entering in the text line either HARVEY or IRMA.
  3. The five living former U.S. Presidents have issued the One America Appeal. You can get more information and donate at this link:  https://www.oneamericaappeal.org
Many other efforts and agencies are out there, but these seem to me to be the most effective and secure.
The other very important thing we can do is pray. Many of us have loved ones in the affected areas. Mary Balin flew to Florida this week for work training and is still here. My sister Deb and niece Cassie live in the middle of the projected path and are still there. Others, I know, are at risk. We must beseech God to keep them safe.

Yours in God's love,
Pastor Diane